This page lists some miscellaneous projects that some people might find useful (or not). There are also a lot of random projects on my github. Maybe one will be useful.

Function or OO Method Classifier

As a professional development project, I trained a neural model to classify executable functions as corresponding to source code functions or OO methods by examining their assembly code. You can read more about the project on my blog, or go play with it on 🤗 HuggingFace Spaces.

Tourney Machine to iCal Converter

Tourney Machine is a web service that enables sports organizers to easily schedule tournament and league matches. They provide a mobile app that lets you browse your team's schedule. I think the following review says it all:
One critical element for youth sports is the schedule. Even though it put the schedule on the app, YOU CANNOT EXPORT THEM to your main calendar in the smart phone! The developers have no ideas that for most parents, you have to have a centralized calendar to keep track of all the kids activities. It will be a NIGHTMARE that you have to jump among different apps to get the kids schedules and then enter MANUALLY to your main calendar! If I am the head of the software company, I’ll regroup the product management team to obtain a better user experience.
This is a link to a Google Colab notebook that will scrape a Tourney Machine schedule page and produce an iCal file, which can be imported into almost any calendar application.

Lease Hacking

I am a lease hackr. Unlike most lease hackrs, I am also a computer "hacker", and I like to combine the two by trying to incorporate data and automation where possible.

You can read an account I wrote about one of my lease searches. I tried to use a semi-scientific approach and recorded data as I went. I didn't find any surprising conclusions with the data I had, but it was a fun exercise and it might be educational to read for non-lease hackrs.

I wrote several notebooks that download information about Volvo dealers, inventory, and lease/incentive information. I also created a notebook to parse the publicly available information from Ally bank on residual values.

Snapfish Scraper

We had thousands of photos uploaded to Snapfish for which we lost the original source images. Although Snapfish has some photo export functionality, a data loss on their end corrupted some photos and prevented the feature from working for us. I created a nasty scraper that downloads all photo albums on a Snapfish account. It's also aware of the data loss problem, and when it encounters a photo that was lost, will automatically use the low-resolution preview version of the photo in its place.

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